Monday, December 24, 2012

Sparkle and Shine Night Shoot with AimsPhotography

I know I haven't posted in FOREVER, so I decided to write about my latest photoshoot! I did a shoot with Aimee Barker who's amazing photography is known as AimsPhotography. I had so much fun doing this photoshoot! It originated from a photo that I found and fell in love with and worked it's way out to be so much more! I couldn't be happier with the results. It was SUPER freezing, I think it was only 34 degrees outside! Luckily there was no snow on the ground but it was windy and definitely chilly. For me, it was a long day of photoshoots, I had a shoot earlier and then went to Bountiful to try something new with glitter, sparkle, and night-time. I've never really done a photoshoot at night outside and I must admit is was fun! I had found some awesome outfits that included festive colors and sequins! Which I could probably never pull off on a regular day, but it worked perfect for this photoshoot. We went to a couple of different locations, we shot in a grocery store parking lot (but too many people were literally stopping and staring, so we relocated) a gas station parking lot and near the frontline runner. Everywhere we went the public was watching which I thought was funny. A challenge we faced was trying to incorporate glitter and get the shots in time so that the glitter was still in the frame, although it was tough we managed. Also another challenge was the cold itself, I was trying so hard to focus on anything but the cold and keep from shaking, haha! Dealing with the cold, public and glitter was all for sure worth it!! As you can see below! I loved doing this shoot right before the holidays because it's so festive and fun!

Photography by Aimsphotography
Hair done by McKenzie Pehrson

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  1. I love the glitter blown in the dark! All the dark photos really make the glam stick out. these are gorgeous!