Monday, December 24, 2012

Sparkle and Shine Night Shoot with AimsPhotography

I know I haven't posted in FOREVER, so I decided to write about my latest photoshoot! I did a shoot with Aimee Barker who's amazing photography is known as AimsPhotography. I had so much fun doing this photoshoot! It originated from a photo that I found and fell in love with and worked it's way out to be so much more! I couldn't be happier with the results. It was SUPER freezing, I think it was only 34 degrees outside! Luckily there was no snow on the ground but it was windy and definitely chilly. For me, it was a long day of photoshoots, I had a shoot earlier and then went to Bountiful to try something new with glitter, sparkle, and night-time. I've never really done a photoshoot at night outside and I must admit is was fun! I had found some awesome outfits that included festive colors and sequins! Which I could probably never pull off on a regular day, but it worked perfect for this photoshoot. We went to a couple of different locations, we shot in a grocery store parking lot (but too many people were literally stopping and staring, so we relocated) a gas station parking lot and near the frontline runner. Everywhere we went the public was watching which I thought was funny. A challenge we faced was trying to incorporate glitter and get the shots in time so that the glitter was still in the frame, although it was tough we managed. Also another challenge was the cold itself, I was trying so hard to focus on anything but the cold and keep from shaking, haha! Dealing with the cold, public and glitter was all for sure worth it!! As you can see below! I loved doing this shoot right before the holidays because it's so festive and fun!

Photography by Aimsphotography
Hair done by McKenzie Pehrson

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Saturday, August 25, 2012

I Am A Survivor.

So I've decided that the first experience I'm going to write about is the one that means the most to me. This shoot is the one that holds the key to my campaign. I was born premature and have had a lot of medical problems and surgeries throughout my life. I never thought that I could model, it was always a dream of mine, but I thought to myself "there's no way I could ever model, I'm not tall, not experienced, and I have scars all over my body." Little did I know this was very untrue. I was scouted at 14 by Elite Model Management and they wanted me to go model for Vouge in Europe, being 14 I didn't realize the opportunity I had in front of me and chose to turn it down for 2 reasons, 1. I didn't want my mom to pay $7,000 for a portfolio and 2. I couldn't miss my competition. I was on a competitive cheer team and it was my life at the time, not modeling. Years passed and I was living in St. George for school, my best friend was doing a photoshoot, I went along and fell in love! (I'll explain this later) As I began modeling my eyes were opened. Opened to the fact that I could follow my dream of modeling and be successful! I came up with the idea that I wanted to inspire others and be a spokesperson, letting others know that "No matter what you go through in life you can pursue your dreams with confidence and beauty." I am the living proof of this and this photoshoot shows you why.

I found a photographer and makeup artist and we came up with the idea of displaying my battle on my body while I showed confidence in my campaign. This shoot was so much fun for me and is the closest to my heart! No doubt in my mind that I couldn't have done it without KC Photography and Color Me Beautiful. I was a little nervous since it was my first time working with this team, but I've known Kyra (KC Photography) since middle school and she was good friends with Heather (Color Me Beautiful by Heather Shelton) so I knew I would be fine. Sadly I woke up the morning of the shoot with absolutely NO voice, sometimes I would squeak and sounded horrible, I was hoping the girls would understand. I was so embarrassed! We decided that we wanted the focus to be on my body not my clothes or face (which usually people would hate the focus on their bodies, in this case, it was different) so we kept makeup and hair simple. It seems like I had a billion mile long list of medical battles to list onto my tiny body! Luckily Heather is amazing and we found a way to make it work with lots of eyeliner and artistic talent of handwriting. Haha after finally finishing up the list we got to shoot! I made a sign that says, "I am a miracle, I am determined, I am strong, I Am A Survivor."  It was an amazing experience and I could NEVER thank Heather and Kyra enough!! I was super nervous to see the photos and was worried it wasn't going to be the message that I was trying to send but Kyra is awesome and got it spot on. I could write for days and days about this shoot, but I'll stop and let you see the end results! If you have any questions at all just ask! <3

KC Photography!
Color Me Beautiful By Healther Shelton!


(C) KC Photography

(c) KC Photography

(c) KC Photography

(c) KC Photography

(c) KC Photography

(c) KC Photography

(c) KC Photography

(c) KC Photography

Saturday, July 21, 2012

I'm not sure if anybody noticed, but I have an awesome header and design created by my friend Rachel Ostler who is a part of Peaches and Lavender Photography! She did an amazing job :) Also, she is very creative all of her work is amazing! She does  what she loves! Thanks so much for designing my blog and headerRachel it means  the world! If any of you love the look and are looking for something unique talk to her! Contact her using the links below!!:) 
Model Lexi Collins

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Monday, July 16, 2012

Why I Made This Blog.. :)

I have a facebook page and everyone was always asking me about my experience with photoshoots so I came up with the idea of creating a blog and when I have a photoshoot I can post about it here:) All of these photos belong to the photographers who took them so please don't save them for yourself! Just a little about my modeling. If you didn't read the about me already, I want to start a campaign and be a role model for men and women encouraging them that no matter what happens in life you can still be strong, confident and follow your dreams. I am the living proof of it. I never thought I could be a model even though it was a dream of mine. I thought this because I am not exactly the tallest person and I have had a bunch of sugeries that saved my life that resulted in scars on my body. Little did I know following my dreams was more than possible. I did my first photoshoot and fell in love! Modeling is not just about taking pictures. It's about being part of a team and helping others follow their dreams. I hope y'all like this blog and get a glimpse of my passion:)

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